Quote(s) Of The Week - 6/22/21

“Whatever the act’s dubious history in this court, we must assess the current suit on its own terms. And, here, there is a fundamental problem with the arguments advanced by the plaintiffs in attacking the act — they have not identified any unlawful action that has injured them.”

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in a concurring opinion for the 7 – 2 majority vote by the U.S. Supreme Court in noting that the states did not have standing for their lawsuit to dismantle the legislation creating the Accountable Care Act. 

Providers that engage in value-based care and take the top-line insurance risk were in a much better position to deal with the financial crisis that came on the heels of the pandemic than providers that depend on patient volumes,” 

Dave Morlock – the Managing Director of the health system’s mergers and acquisitions practice at Cain Brothers – a division of KeyBanc Capital Markets in comments for an article Healthcare, Heal Thyselfdefinitely worth the read…

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