The Weekly Whisk - 4/28/21

Musings from a foodie…

One of the problems I’ve had in providing all of you with timely reviews of potential eateries is that I’ve been relatively confined to home. While the responses to my home cooked meals have been positive, I actually ventured out recently with Suzanne to a little Greek bistro up the road from Kittery in Ogunquit, Maine. I mention it because if you get to Maine – one of the places you’re likely to visit is Ogunquit where we set traps for visitors from out-of-state (😊). We have generally visit Greece every year until the pandemic hit to visit some extended family and friends. But, one of the difficulties has been the lack of good quality Greek cooking in the Northeast. To our surprise and delight we discovered Nikanos [ * * * * ]. The menu is partially Mediterranean but mostly Greek! In fact, I shared with them following lunch that it was the best Greek meal I had inhaled in quite some time. It was not quite the Plantinos on Kytheria, Greece where you sit under a tree and share stories, debates, and laughs with everyone else but it came close. They have heaters for the outside (a requisite for outdoor dining in Maine in the Spring). And, it was dog friendly. Our two pups – Toto and Lole – joined us as well. So, if you happen to be in the Northeast and happen to visit Maine, I suggest you stop in Ogunquit for a lunch on the way to somewhere. You can enjoy the ambiance of Maine as much as you can enjoy the food at Nikanos – 173 Main Street – Ogunquit, Maine – (207) 646-1112 –

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