Readings To Consider - 3/11/21

Books and Articles worth a Review… 

Mandatory Reading for All of Us – The New England Journal of Medicine as one of the premier medical journals in the world published an editorial in the January 28, 2021 issue entitled One of Us. It is mandatory reading by all of us as we consider how to make health care better.

Winter Wonder Land – Now, the following has nothing to do with health care. Well, perhaps you could stretch it and say it has to do with mental health. Enjoy the Pandas as they delight in the Winter Wonder Land of the National Zoo.

Hallelujah – Now, if you’re an advocate for reasoned thinking about the value of getting your “jab” – this is the one for you. Young Tess is the highlight of this rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah (1984). There was an initial kerfuffle with Sony but it was quickly resolved. Pass this one along to everyone… And, if you like that one, check this other one by the Marsh Family. They’ve got talent…I’d like to become their agent…

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