Consulo Indicium - 3/30/21

Information for your Consideration…

Gun Violence: More Than An Uptick – The number of people that have been injured or killed in mass shootings (defined as four or more victims) stands at 3,010 or, an increase of 50.5% in 2020. Furthermore, Black neighborhoods were inflicted with these mass shootings with a disproportionate share of the killings. Check it out! Furthermore, as of the end of November, 2020, there were 378 far-right acts of violence that were efforts to intimidate voters. I attempted to find the number of “far-left” events but I could not even find a citation of far-left violence until page 5 on Google and then, it was such activity in Britain. I’ll keep looking…

Back to Covid-19 – Recently released data by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveals that while the percent of people who are unsure or unwilling to obtain a vaccination has declined appreciably for Blacks, Hispanic/Latino and White Democrat populations – White Republicans remains a hold out at 56%. Yes, 56%! (as vaccine graphof the beginning of March). Yikes!! And, some of them are relatives… The biggest problem is in the rural areas which tend toward conservatism in the first place and where access to services is also more limited. Furthermore, “the most trusted individual” for encouraging vaccinations in health care is the physicians – and many rural areas have a growing shortage of such providers! In a recent conversation with a thought group of health care leaders, the consensus was that (roughly) 50% of the public definitely intends to obtain a vaccination, 25% are considering it; and, another 25% are of the NotMe/Never crowd.

More Ominous Covid-19 News – In a stark warning to the American public, Rochelle Walensky, MD, the newly appointed Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, shared her concerns that she holds a level of “impending doom” on the state of the pandemic. Specifically, Walensky is concerned that the American public is moving back to normal behavior too early. She warned that we need to continue our masking, our diligence on social distancing, our limitation of close in events and all the rest – otherwise, the possibility – or, probability of a relapse could be on the horizon. Based on a review of hospitalizations, ICU admissions, infection rates, etc. in the Greater Boston area and in NYC – she may very well be right. The scenes from the “Spring Break” beach parties sent shivers down my spine. I agree with Walensky!!

On another Covid-19 note there is at least a little good news. It seems that researchers that have been involved in evaluating the number of evolving “variants” do not believe that these variations on them make people sicker once they are infected. Also, spread of the virus, onset of symptoms and other features related to the disabling characteristics of the virus do not seem to change. And, most importantly, the research is showing that COVID-19 vaccines continue to be protective of individuals despite the genetic alterations of the variants.

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