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How to Double Mask Properly – Even though we seem to be moving out of the woods and into the clearing, masks are not going to go the way of the Hula Hoop, at least in the short-term. In addition, the literature has been very clear that double masking gives far better results than a single mask. But, the question remains – how to wear a double mask. Check this double masking overview on the approach to double masking even though at this point the article is already one month old.

NEJM Corona Virus Update – And, in case you missed it, if you’re into the latest research on COVID-19, one of the best sources is the New England Journal of Medicine update. Check it out!

The End Of May – President Biden gave an update on the efforts of the private industry and government collaboration related to COVID-19 vaccinations noting on March 2nd that all adults in the U.S. should have access to vaccinations by the end of May with teachers and childcare workers given top priority over others. They are slotted to have priority NOW with the goal of completing vaccinations for that group by the end of March. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines coupled with the Johnson & Johnson (with the help of Merck) vaccine is making all of the difference in the world. Now, what about the rest of the world…? 

Spring Has Sprung – In a study published in Science in early February, the biggest super-spreaders were identified in the United States. The results? Those young adults in the age range of 20 to 49. CNN reported on the findings and noted that investigators were able to make the conclusion after reviewing cell phone location data. Hopefully, someone is tracking the goings on of this group with the advent of Spring Break that has sprung across the United States. The beaches look full in Miami and elsewhere throughout out Florida and I suspect that the number of people vaccinated in those groups is far less than the general population. It makes for a perfect storm – or, shall I say “re-storm”.

Comparative Effectiveness – That data is clear. Get the vaccination that is available…

Comparative Effectiveness

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