Responding In Kind

Responses and comments from my readers…I do receive periodic replies from the many readers of the blog. While I have often responded individually, I decided that I should share more transparently. Hopefully, this contributes to an ongoing dialogue… 

On The “Wonderful” Videos #1 – The video on innovation “…made me think of the premise of the book by Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Kuhn coined the terms “paradigm shift” and “normal science” as he explored revolutions where ‘one conceptual world view is replaced by another’. He explores how scientists move from disdain through doubt to acceptance of a new theory, stressing the social and psychological factors in scientific progress.  Perhaps we are on the verge of a new paradigm shift where those outside of traditional medicine will successfully challenge and disrupt the status quo.  Disdain and doubt continue to predominate, but if the new business and quality models succeed, acceptance may eventually occur.” – S.B, MD

On The “Wonderful” Videos #2 – “I always enjoy your newsletters. Such a great mix of science, philosophy, culinary critique, and thoughtful opinion. I always learn something, and often find something to laugh about. The 3 young tenors were wonderful! The apples haven’t fallen from the tree. [My response: “Whoops” – see commentary above]. Regarding the second video:  Making sense of things that humans do uniquely well—that’s what science is about.  As a ‘high N’ on the Myers-Briggs scale my credibility as a teacher of family medicine residents sometimes suffered for my intuitive approach to patient care.  By this stage of their training too many residents had been brainwashed to believe that being able to quote the literature was the most important characteristic of a good physician.  I didn’t have this problem with medical students and nurse practitioner students.”  – J.T., MD

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