Quote(s) Of The Week - 1/30/20

Quote(s) Of The Week

  “A record 25% of Americans say they or a family member put off treatment for a serious medical condition in the past year because of the cost, up from 19% a year ago and the highest in Gallup's trend…Another 8% said they or a family member put off treatment for a less serious condition, bringing the total percentage of households delaying care due to costs to 33%, tying the high from 2014.” 

From a press release announcing the results of the most recent Gallup Poll 

 “Health care is vitally important, but so is climate change, so is voting rights, so is gun control,” he said. “When health reform is on the agenda, it sucks up all the political oxygen in the room, and there’s very little room or space for anything.”

John McDonough, Ph.D., Professor of Public Health who assisted in the design and passage of the Affordable Care Act in a recent Harvard discussion on the role of health care reform in the current Presidential debate

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