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Healthcare reform, advances in technology, and the emergence of new delivery care models are challenging the industry. The pace of change is accelerating. Why? First, the global pandemic clearly has had an impact on health care delivery across the globe. Second, health care as a proportion of both federal and state budgets is one of the fastest-growing – and, largest – areas. As a result, attention by legislators of all stripes focus on the cost of health care services. Third, technology in all is various manifestations is dramatically altering the way in which health care is delivered. And, fourth, consumer expectations have shifted as a result of changes in other sectors of the economy like banking, travel, shopping, and the like. Consumers are bringing clearer expectations to the health care table in terms of how, when, where, and who will deliver services.

As a result, more healthcare innovation is needed for organizations to succeed during this time of dramatic change. Yet, despite all of the rhetoric surrounding the need for innovation in healthcare, it is frequently lacking.  Why?  In large measure, the answer lies with the pre-existing culture of most healthcare organizations. Understanding and assessing your culture is an important precursor for healthcare leaders to consider as part of any effort to drive innovation.

Though much uncertainty still remains, organizations must move forward now on transforming healthcare by forging new relationships and exploring new efficiencies. Requirements for demonstration of value are becoming pre-eminent concerns for health care leaders.  Helping these leaders in their transformation efforts is a primary concern among the consultants of The CREO Network.  Releasing the organizations creativity on how, where, and even what care should be delivered by whom are a critical piece of the puzzle.  CREO can help…

Let our network of healthcare consulting experts lend you a hand and help you foster greater innovation within your organization.

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