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What’s with the Whisk?

For many years, founder and CEO, Dr. Kevin Fickenscher, has worn a small whisk on his lapel for two reasons:

  • First, he purports to be a very good cook. Although only a relatively small number of people have actually experienced his culinary skills, most of them would testify to his claim and conur that his culinary skills hold a high degree of credibility. In fact, many people follow Kevin’s blog – The Fickenscher Files – primarily because of the last regular article entitled The Weekly Whisk. It provides culinary reports on the latest and greatest restaurants he has visited in the last month.  In addition, he wears a whisk because he believes that good culinary skills require bringing together many different and diverse ingredients to create a good cooking experience.  Cooking requires mixing and blending the ingredients with just the right amount of stirring to create a wonderful outcome.  Stir too fast or too slow – and, the culinary outcome will not be so good. The whisk is an essential tool of any good cook or, driver of innovation…
  • Which brings us to the second reason he wears a whisk. Kevin is known for stirring things up among his professional colleagues. He believes strongly that the health care system needs change which is best driven by leaders from the health care industry.  It is by assuming our role as leaders that we can best help society solve the many challenges which face the health care system and increasingly consume too many of society’s resources.  He brings a passion to his work that energizes and mobilizes those who work with him to excel at solving problems. In starting CREO, he has created a culture that not only stirs things up but recognizes that while ideas are good, solutions are better. The CREO Network and team will help you stir things up…
  • Third, the other members of The CREO Network are equally committed to “stirring things up”. They bring an equal amount of skill, knowledge and capability to the table.  In fact, in any kitchen, it takes a team effort to bring about consistently good results in the culinary field.  Everyone at CREO feels the same about our work.  By working openly as a team and bringing the right members to bear on any given problem – we believe we can provide the best results for our clients…

A Great Reminder

A final part of the story relates to Kevin’s trip to his office at a prior employer before he was preparing to depart on a road trip. He was busy completing some last-minute work before leaving when the CEO—his boss—came into his office and asked to see him. The boss said, “Let’s go into my office” which was next door to Kevin’s. When they entered the CEO’s office, he closed the door, turned to him and said, “Kevin, you’ve really stirred things up!” Kevin replied, “Yes, I’m doing exactly what you asked me to do.” His boss then went on to say, “Yes you are. You’re fired.” 

In a rather flustered state, Kevin traveled home and shared the news with his family that their lives were changing rather suddenly. In sharing the news, he sort of lost it as he tried to share what had happened at work that day. In a gesture that he will always remember, his wife simply held up her hand to be quiet and wait, went upstairs, and came back down to offer him a small black box. He said, “What’s this?” She said, “Open it. It’s for you.” With a shrug of his shoulders, he opened the small box which revealed a small “whisk.” As he opened the box, she said, “Don’t let them whip you. You whip them!” Kevin has been proudly wearing a whisk on his lapel ever since that day.

So “the whisk” serves as CREO’s identity and great reminder that we need to bring together the right ingredients, proactively stir things up and not be whipped by the change happening all around us.

And, yes, Kevin has an increasingly larger collection of whisks at home for support of his culinary habits. So, at the end of the day—we recommend at CREO that everyone should do a little cooking to relax so that you can consider the alternatives…

"Stirring Things Up"

These words represent the cornerstone of CREO. Collectively, we are individuals who are passionate about making a difference and inspiring our clients to think differently. Even if it goes against the status quo. We stir things up for you!

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