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CREO means CreativeCREO is Latin for creative and, in Spanish, means, “I believe.” No term better captures the intent of our health care consulting network, which is to offer senior executives—like you—creative solutions and healthcare advisors that will actively position your organization as a leader in healthcare.

You’ll immediately notice that our health care consulting network is different from other healthcare advisors. For one thing, we don’t follow a leveraged model where senior leaders sell you the work and then hand it off to junior members without substantial experience. Instead, we bring senior level healthcare advisors to the table and they work side-by-side with you to craft strategic solutions.

Depending on your needs, we offer healthcare advisors in the following three areas:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching Support:A new breed of healthcare leaders are needed to handle today’s complex and evolving healthcare environment. We develop, mentor, groom and support senior executives to meet this daunting challenge.
  • Strategic Advisory Support:Our healthcare advisors support C-level leaders at the strategic level in governance, infrastructure and operations—so they, in turn, can successfully lead their organizations in the transformation of healthcare.
  • Fostering Innovation through Telecare and Technology Assessment Support:We not only bring innovative ideas on healthcare technology consulting and care delivery models, but help organizations drive support for greater innovation throughout their organization. Rethinking the very nature of how, where and who will deliver health care is a part of planning for the future.  The CREO Network is prepared to assist you.
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