Our Values

Serving Healthcare Clients Well

Several decades ago, our Founder and CEO – Kevin Fickenscher, MD – established a set of personal values, which he has imbued within CREO Strategic Solutions. Like other organizations, CREO’s values represent the basis of what we do—and how we support our healthcare clients. 

Our healthcare clients appreciate the high standard of work we perform. They like how we motivate and inspire them to think differently. And, they like the benefit of our values in their daily interactions with us—we hope you will to:

Our Values: (RICE)

Responsive and Responsible—we recognize that when developing health care organizations contact us, they need assistance now. And, we responsibly bring the best performance with the best resources to meet their needs.

Integrity and Innovation—trust is a cornerstone for fostering a positive, working relationship with healthcare clients and, is built on the foundation of integrity. Trust coupled with the effective adoption of new ideas helps keep one at the forefront and drives innovation.

Creativity and Collaboration—thinking out of the box and bringing new ideas that stretch a developing healthcare organization is a responsibility we enjoy and take quite seriously. We also work with you…and, stand by our word, always!

Excellence and Effectiveness—on his very first job as a stock boy at a grocery store, Dr. Fickenscher was admonished by his boss because he was simply stocking the shelves without any attention to the labels facing outward toward the customers.  It looked sloppy even though the cans were all positioned properly. His boss, in looking at the shelves said, “If you’re going to do something, do it right!” The result has been 40 (some J) years of experience in healthcare with a focus on excellence and effectiveness.  These ideas serve at the core of everything CREO does. Our advice to clients: “If you’re going to do it right--make sure it makes a difference.”

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