Quote(s) Of The Week - 5/26/20

“COVID-19 seems to be a uniquely tough American foe. The rest of the world is figuring it out. The Czech Republic did it with masks. China with isolation. Germany with testing. Hong Kong with experience. New Zealand with alerts. Greece with discipline.”

Andy Slavitt, MD – Former Administrator – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMSS) in the Obama Administration in a Tweet on the state of response by the USA to the pandemic

 “Some of us are leaders by role; all of us can be leaders by action. Amidst the seeming chaos around us, we need to care for our colleagues and ourselves…Preservation of our profession requires collective and individual self-preservation efforts and applauding those efforts.”

Daniel Dressler, MD – Director of Internal Medicine Teaching Services at Emory University Hospital in an editorial comment in the NEJM Journal Watch on the importance of managing personal and team stress during COVID-19


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