Quote(s) Of The Week - 1/18/21

Rather than starting with a series of quotes, let’s start with a song, Then Again. It seems like a more appropriate way to start this week’s blog. It’s by Mitch Rossell – a singer, songwriter from East Tennessee who is gaining notoriety on the country charts. Then, consider the other quotes…

“This situation has been thirty years in the making.”

Michael Smerconish in comments on the role of the media in not paying attention to itself and the evolution of the underlying misinformation being disseminated across the country through new, evolving media sources. 

We need to look past ourselves, our parties, our disagreements and put our democracy first. We need to heal together from the trauma that has just happened. We need to heal not as Republicans, as Democrats but as Americans.” 

Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) – Former Governor of California, movie star, illustrious weightlifter and iconic immigrant from Austria in a podcast released to the American public on Monday, January 11th

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