Quote(s) Of The Week - 4/11/21

“Life is beautiful until it is not.”

                                Miro Popovich, a Ukrainian-American who was brought to the US by his parents as a young teenager; and, upon graduating from high school he joined the US Army; then, was sent to Afghanistan; and, now made the bold decision to return to Ukraine to help the volunteers in the field – in a CNN interview on April 7, 2022

“Either we go forward on the path of solidarity, or things will worsen. I want to repeat this: one does not emerge from a crisis the same as before. The pandemic[1] is a crisis. We emerge from a crisis either better or worse than before. It is up to us to choose.”                               

                                Pope Francis, General Audience, September 2, 2020 

[1] And, per Father Richard Rohr, “…the crisis in Ukraine

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