The Weekly Whisk - 10/11/18

Musings from a foodie…

I know I’ve become an unabashed Mainer!  It’s because Maine is just like my home state of North Dakota – except it has ocean, mountains and trees.  Other than that – it’s just like home. But, my other home that I’ve come to love is Greece.  We visit there every year (it’s a long story…) and I’ve come to treasure the long, leisurely Greek dinners with friends and adopted family.  So, it was with some degree of surprise that we discovered Taverna Khione [* * * * * ] near Portland, Maine in Brunswick.  The chef, Marc Provencher, is a Greekophilic cook whose been a part of several restaurants in the area over the last number of years. The restaurant is off the beaten path on a side street and presents a cozy atmosphere with a casual style and open kitchen.  From the start with his grandmother-inspired bread and the traditional spreads the presentation of regional Greek classics, his menus fosters an enthusiastic desire to try everything.  But, you can’t – so, it means you have to come back, again and again.  Check out the taverna if you get close to Portland, Maine (about 1 hour 15 minutes from Logan airport).  Taverna Khione – 25 Mill Street – Brunswick , Maine , 04011 – (207) 406-2847 –

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