The Weekly Whisk - 5/1/19

Musings from a foodie…

You’re not going to believe this!!  In Changsha, China I had the opportunity to participate in a literal “feast” which exceed my wildest imagination.  First, I’ve been to many Chinese “feasts” over the years.  But, this one topped the list.  We had dinner in a restaurant located at the Fire Palace Temple Fair which is renowned in Changsha as one of the oldest temple fairs in China. In fact, even to this day, Changsha is considered one of the cities which highlights the folk culture of Hunan and the rest of the nation. To that end we were invited to our evening at the First Palace Restaurant in the notable Mao Zedong Room, named after the founding leader of the People’s Republic of China. 

Let me say simply that a description of the fabulous – remember, “beyond imagination” – meal is simply not possible.  The setting was typical with a large room and a circular table seating 20 people with a constantly moving inner disk to keep the food circling the entire table ever so slowly but regularly. But, rather than describing the food, let me simply share the litany of courses we were offered since a description is not feasible unless the entire blog were devoted to food – which some of you may wish for :-) . Regardless, the menu consisted of: Fresh tofu with a rice broth for starters, Fat back bacon or, “Chairman Mao’s” favorite, Jelly fish, Shredded tripe, Steamed baby bok choy (in season for virtually every meal), Curried cauliflower, Orange shrimp, Chicken with mushrooms in a sweet and sour sauce, Lamb spare ribs – served on a plate adorned with a porcelain lambs head, Roasted white fish with spinach, Squash soup, Fried balls of dough drenched in honey, Spicy bacon and mushrooms, Fire beef in cumin sauce, Lotus root (also, in season), Fresh fruit; and, Fried rice donuts.  Whew!!!  If reading the list does not fill you up, I suggest that you purchase a ticket to Changsha and go to the Fire Palace Restaurant  [ * * * * * ]WuYi East Road 93 – Changsha, China - +86 (731) 8412 0580.  You will not be disappointed. 

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