The Weekly Whisk - 9/19/19

Musings from a foodie…

I was going to report on an elegant little restaurant that opened a mere three weeks ago just a short distance north of Kittery, Maine where I live.  It was opened by Eloise and John and represented an elegant addition to the local culinary scene.  However, after only a mere three weeks of operation, it closed. While the microgreens with truffle salt dressing and gazpacho made with local farm raised tomatoes in the “Salmoregia” (Catalonian = strained not just blended) style and the duck were all outstanding, the business model – for whatever reason – was not in place.  So, it folded. 

So, I turned to Zaytinya [* * * * * ] based in Washington, DC to celebrate the culinary skills of Jose Andres who not only does an outstanding job of turning out wonderful Mediterranean cuisine but also can be found handing out food to hurricane victims on a moments notice.  So, my message to all if that if you make it to our Nation’s Capital, stop in a Zaytinya – one of my favorites to help out Andres who will turn around and help others.  He brings the best of the best to culinary practices…  Zaytinya – 701 9th Street, NW (Corner of 9th and G Streets, near a DC Metro stop) – Washington, DC 20001 – (202) 638-0800 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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