The Weekly Whisk - 1/30/20

Musings from a foodie…

In preparing this review, I had one of those vengeful Word document problems where in saving the document, I accidently did not save the document.  So, I start anew.  It’s difficult to gain a spot but if you call 30 days (to the day) at 8:00 AM EST, you may be lucky enough to gain a spot at Oleana’s Restaurant [* * * * * ].  Oleana’s specialty is Mediterranean / Middle Eastern (my characterization) food and one of the best in Boston.  I highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend you consider Oleana’s for a special dinner with friends or associates. 

The menu consists of a series of small plate mezes and a listing of 4 – 6 main course entrees.  Sharing is encouraged, if not expected.  We started with a series of mezes including Sfela Cheese Saganaki (I’m a sucker for saganaki and theirs is very good), Sultan’s Delight – a beef tamarind with a smoky eggplant puree, Moussaka (another grave weakness) and an assortment of other mezes of the evening.  For the main, we shared the Scallops and Arctic Char – both of which were quite wonderful. 

From the greeting, to the table introduction, to the table top support, to the menu review, to the general ambiance – Oleana’s is quite a wonderful place, actually one of the best in Boston.  The only downside was the bit of noise we experienced because it was cold and the doors and windows to the patio were closed making the sound echo in the closed room.  It was a bit difficult for old ears but, then again, I should not be reporting on my dinner colleagues (or, me mostly J ).  If you can’t get a reservation at Oleana’s – try Sarma’s, the sister restaurant located in Sommerville.  It has a slightly different ambiance in an older warehouse type building but the offerings are similar with the exception that they also have a “Chef’s Selection” which is offered up by roaming waiters making food choices even harder but always worth it.  Check ‘em out: Oleana’s Restaurant – 134 Hampshire – Cambridge, Massachusetts – (617) 661-0505 –

It was a sad day in Boston several weeks ago when we awoke to the news that the No Name Restaurant had abruptly closed its doors after a 102 year history of serving some of the best quality, best priced seafood in the entire region.  No Name got its name because it never had a name.  The owners decided rather abruptly on a Monday evening – over dinner – to close the place and doors were closed that evening.  Located on the South Boston Fish Pier – it was a local hot spot.  Evidently, the list of creditors was long so many of us are awaiting if a revival may be forthcoming…but, probably not. 

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