The Weekly Whisk - 3/2/20

Musings from a foodie…

Ok, folks (that’s a Biden term), if you are anywhere near Tampa – you need to (no, must!) visit The Roster and The Till [ * * * * * * - my highest accolade in over three years], a farm-to-table restaurant in an obscure location near downtown Tampa (you will likely miss it without GPS).  Chef Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez teamed up a number of years ago to put a mark on culinary excellence. In fact, The Rooster and The Till is one of the best culinary experiences I’ve had in several years, including all of my overseas travel and experiences. Wow!  As their website notes, “they instilled the words passion, integrity and progression into all facets of their life and careers. More importantly, [they] began to understand the sense of community a restaurant can provide a neighborhood and even a city.” This team not offers up wonderful food preparations but a great wine list (PS – I don’t drink but I used to… Actually, the cranberry juice was the low point of the evening = standard issue.  They need to up their game on that side of the equation :-)  ) Their attention to detail in everything about the restaurant was quite incredible from your entry to the dining area (or, bar if you want to watch them cook), to the table settings, dish platings, and clear involvement of the entire staff. 

The culture exudes a wonderful experience.  You will not be disappointed. I can only tease you with the menu but for starters it’s all small, shareable plates. In fact, I highly recommend sharing. The Pita with urfa pepper and a bean puree was WOW!  The crispy bass with ramen noodles and a curry paste was OLALA! The fois gras was TEASED with huckleberry sauce and the pork porceletta (like a baby back rib) and potato scaloppini was OUTSTANDING! The only disappointing dish was the gnocchi with short ribs in large measure because I like my gnocchi light, very light.  These were heavier because they used a wheat preparation rather than a potato base.  But, with heavy gnocchi and also-ran cranberry juice the only downside – I’d be back there in a microsecond for dinner. 

On top of all that, the price was more than reasonable.  In fact, I was surprised!!  So, if you get close to Tampa, don’t mosey over, don’t forget to reserve a spot, don’t wait till the last minute.  Get a reservation and don’t miss it!!  I’m going back (sometime).  The Rooster and The Till – 6500 North Florida Avenue – Tampa, Florida – (813) 374-8940 –

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