The Weekly Whisk - 4/28/20

Musings from a foodie…

It’s a sad state of affairs when I give out a report on The Cheesecake Factory [* *] but, it is what is!  The menu seems endless and their website needs work.  I’m sure it was my fault but, I placed an order and when I arrive promptly like I was instructed, I discovered that the order had been placed to another Cheesecake Factory some distance from our home. Again, it is what it is! The menu has everything (almost) that you could imagine so there were lots of choices for our favorite comfort foods.  I had the chicken and biscuits (not like Grandma made) and she had the Mexican salad (same content but more like “sort of” Mexican). Regardless, the calories were plentiful and filling. Only a disheartened gourmand would complain – so, I won’t :-) .  In these challenging times, we’ve been buying around simply to keep the places open and to provide a bit of income for the workers. While Cheesecake has a ways to go before it is truly a “take out” restaurant – they’re giving it a go! The staff were wonderful – and the food, OK. I’m not including the location because they are all the same.  Find one if you want. After all, it is a pandemic…  BTW – the last time I did a review of a chain it was on Burger King. It was blistering but that was before they came up with the 2 burgers for $4 campaign (at least here in Maine). Stay well. 

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