The Weekly Whisk - 5/26/20

Musings from a foodie…

We’ve been stuck at home – and, what do you do? There are all sorts of options but, I cook. At this point, the last restaurant I saw was over 6 weeks ago and, may not even be open at this point (very sad situation for our culinary workers). So, here’s my lazy man’s option for a wonderful meal [* * * * *] – something that brings out memories from my youth as well as providing me with wonderful nutritious intake [NOTE: I probably should not be giving myself that many stars but it’s the food, not my cooking that does it :-) ]. So, the meal that I’m talking about. It’s Pot Roast or, my version of Mom’s Sunday Pot Roast. But, I do it the fast way with my InstaPot that cooks food faster than you can imagine.

Take your chuck roast and rub it on all sides with crushed rosemary, garlic powder, onion powder. Then, sear it in a flat pan. Once the searing is completed, take the roast and place in the InstaPot with a slight covering of olive oil on the bottom. Add 3 cups of beef broth and as many carrots and leeks that are possible to fill up the InstaPot.  Then, turn your attention to the other veggies that will be added later.  Dice up some potatoes (larger dicing) and green beans in separate pans. Salt and pepper both and set aside. Then, add one stem of tarragon leaves that are finely diced to the roast along with four full stems. Add some Worcestershire Sauce to the mix and you’re ready to go.  Set the InstaPot for 65 – 70 minutes in “pressure” cooking.  After the roast has cooked the full amount of time, throw in the potatoes and green beans on top, reseal the InstaPot and cook for another 20 minutes on “pressure” cooking.

When it’s done, pull the roast and veggies. Reserve the juice to a pan and make a gravy of your choice. I go without milk by adding yoghurt instead with a ½ cup of sour cream, if available. Serve immediately and enjoy. If you like it, send a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and share your thoughts.  All comments appreciated and welcome – even the despairing ones :-) .  Enjoy the next couple of weeks as we – hopefully – wind down on COVID-19 and move into economic, care delivery, familial, friendship and all-other-modes of recovery.

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