The Weekly Whisk - 6/24/20

Musings from a foodie…

The Next Best Thing To Going Out – It’s summertime and that means grilling.  Besides what better place can a family (you will notice I did not say friends and colleagues) hang than close to the barby in the summer? The question then becomes what to cook on the BBQ grill.  Living in Maine, in recent years, I’ve leaned toward seafood due in large part to fresh availability. However, in browsing at the local grocery (wearing a full mask-on-top-of-a-mask outfit), I was awestruck when I discovered Johnsonville Brats. These are the most exquisite brats in the world. When I fired up the barby I was not disappointed. They were sweet and succulent just as I had remembered them from back in my Wisconsin days. They are the best. You should grab a bunch (but only tell the family) and cook ‘em up for lunch or dinner [* * * * * ].  Now the alternative is not bad either.  You see, I live in Maine and I’m trying to support our local producers to the extent possible. So…the price of lobster has dropped from a pre-COVID level of around $60 to about $35 for shelled and down to $6/pound for unshelled lobster. Rumor has it that you can get“fresh-off-the-boat” lobster for about $3/pound direct from the lobstermen themselves. It pays to live in Maine :-)

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