The Weekly Whisk - 3/28/22

Musings from a foodie…

Sometime ago (I can’t find the specific review), I did a review of Sarma [ * * * * * ] located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is an absolutely wonderful restaurant – and, my very favorite in the Greater Boston community. So, this past week, some friends were visiting from the-state-that-does-not-believe-in-using-preventive-measures-to-curb-the-spread-of-COVID-19 or, Florida. So, I diligently set up reservations at Sarma! The approach to food is in the tradition of meyhanes in Turkey or, a menu of small plates (i.e. meze) that can be shared. In addition to the menu, they also offer “chef’s choice” selections where the waiters come around with a variety of mezes during the course of dinner that you can accept on-the-fly!

All of this is done under the watchful eye of Chef Cassie Piuma, a Massachusetts native who worked in a number of area restaurants before working with James Beard Award winning chef, Ana Sortun at Oleana’s. There she learned the fine art of Middle Eastern cooking. She started Sarma in 2013 with her husband and business partner, Matthew. The atmosphere at Sarma’s is relaxed and playful – and, again – my favorite restaurant in the Greater Boston area just ahead of Oleana’s where she learned her Middle Eastern meze skills. If you get to Boston, it’s definitely the place to go. Sarma – 249 Pearl Street – Somerville, MA  02145 – – (617) 764-4454. 

Now, for the sad news. For a variety of reasons, I missed the dinner because I needed to be at a meeting where a major decision was going to occur and, as the Co-Chair of the group, I felt obliged to be there and participate. The good news was that my Associate Editor brought home some “leftovers” for me which I thoroughly enjoyed the next day. I enjoyed some chilled haddock (direct from the fridge) with a coconut curry sauce, a medallion of vegetables (potato, squash, brussels sprouts, onion, etc.) and some sautéed spinach with garlic. What an enjoyable breakfast. Oops! I was supposed to wait for lunch. The only problem was that I did not get any of the “fried chicken” (a childhood pleasure of mine) which my Associate described as “the best fried chicken” she has “ever tasted.” So, I’m making reservations again soon… Go for it if you visit Boston!!

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