The Weekly Whisk - 6/2/21

Musings from a foodie…

This is a repeat of an old family standard. Anneka Jans [ * * * * * / 4.7 stars on the various review sites] is a wonderful bistro located in Kittery, Maine (my hometown) about one hour north of Boston Logan. We’ve been going there since they opened about 7 years ago. In fact, I donated my wine fridge to them because I didn’t need it any longer. The big excitement for us was our usual order of Mussels with Blue Cheese. They were more than fabulous this time around. I discovered that they had a new source of mussels from Prince Edward Island. These were the biggest, sweetest, most luscious mussels I think I’ve ever had!! The appetizer was followed by a shared salad and a shared dinner of Grilled Salmon with Ponzu Sauce. It was fabulous as well and the salmon was cooked perfectly – not too raw and not too overdone. So, it seems that we’re getting back on track. Social distancing is still the norm along with outside dining – assuming the weather cooperates. If you travel to Maine, you’re almost required to travel past Kittery. It’s worth a stop before you head north to the more rural outposts – which are also definitely worth visiting. Check them out! Anneke Jans – 60 Wallingford Square – Kittery, Maine – (207) 439-0001 –

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