The Weekly Whisk - 4/11/22

Musings from a foodie…

I suspect you are aware of the paleo and keto styles of cooking but, the Ayurveda style is a style of cooking that is derived in part from the holistic medicine movement.  The cooking requires that the chef consider the “dosha” (Sanskrit) or chemical balance of the foods that are brought together since there are different energies that interact in your stomach that can cause gas, bloating and all variety of other symptoms. The idea is to not have symptoms and, that comes from bringing about “balance” as you combine the ingredients in any dish.

You may not get to Portsmouth, New Hampshire anytime soon so the more research you do on the Ayurveda style, the more you’ll be better prepared for your next visit to an Indian restaurant. My new find is Taaza Takeout [* * * *] which also hosts a very small number of tables although the food is delivered in a take home fashion. The highlight of the meal was Chicken Haleem – which as a connoisseur of Indian food – struck me as the best dish I’ve tasted in a very long time. Our small group also ordered some other items but the Chicken Haleem was the master of the meal!! If you do, in fact, have the opportunity to visit Portsmouth, stop by and meet Wahleed Mansur, the owner. He is a masterful Indian cook and a wonderful host. If you write him, he may even send his recipe if you send him an email at: Waheed@... Taaza Takeout – 2800 Lafayette Road, Suite 9 – Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801 – (603) 319-8359 –

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