The Weekly Whisk - 5/19/22

Musings from a foodie… 

When it comes to seafood, it’s very hard to beat the fixin’s of the environment in which I live – Maine!! Not only are the lobster Grrrrrreat! But, cod, haddock, scallops (you haven’t tasted GREAT scallops until you tasted the New England Fishmongers (more on that at another time) and, of course, clams and oysters. We are actually spoiled in Maine. However, being the fair person that I try to be, I was in Utah recently and visited with Current Fish & Oyster [* * * ½]. The service was fairly good – especially since I was with a large group of people who were not paying much attention to the attendant. They were engaged in deep discussions on the future of health care 😊. As for the seafood it was fresh – obviously flown in from some distant source. But, the prep was inconsistent. Some of the fish was overcooked, skins were not crisp, flavors were limited. So, for a land lubbers location, it stood up fairly well. But, to be a competitor in Baltimore or anyplace in Maine, they would not hold up. If you’re in the mood for seafood and visiting Salt Lake City, it’s available but there are other more interesting options just a stone’s throw away. Current Fish & Oyster – 279 East 300 South – Salt Lake City, Utah – (801) 326-3474.

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