The Weekly Whisk - 6/26/23

Musings from a foodie…

If you travel to Maine there are lots of small enclaves serving up wonderful food. However, I recently had the opportunity to visit an out-of-the-way place that is definitely in my top tier of Mainer restaurants. It’s The Bait Shed. It’s located on a dock extending out into the marshland. It was totally unpretentious, informal and an absolute fabulous find [* * * * 1/2]. The menu was quite diverse with such Maine delights as lobster, crab, haddock, scallops, and – of course, more lobster. For good measure, they also included some outlander seafoods like shrimp. But, it was mostly local fixins’. We had the Double Lobster Flatbread and a very outstanding, creamy Clam Chowder (which the waiter informed us had 34 years of experience in preparing it) as well as a healthy Beet Salad. Finally to add pleasure to pleasure, there was the Blueberry Pie (made with little pea-sized Maine blueberries) with ice cream (of course) thrown in at the end. The only downside was the corn on the cob for which I’m a sucker which was not quite up to Maine standards. But, it was a bit early for the good stuff so it really wasn’t the restaurant’s fault. The Shed also has two sister restaurants: Stern Seafood Restaurant (sit-down / mostly inside dining) and The Garage BBQ – literally a refurbished garage with outside seating. AND FINALLY, the crème de la crème was the fact that our two dogs were invited to sit with us outside. So, bring your pups – or, “kids” as we like to call them – unless it’s raining, of course… The Bait Shed – 9 Avenue 6 – Pine Point (Scarborough), Maine – (207) 883-4571 –

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