The Weekly Whisk - 2/6/24

Musings from a foodie…

Our family recently had the opportunity to break bread together in the Phoenix area for a New Year’s celebration. So, given my penchant for selecting good places, the business of selection fell to my lap. And, I surely responded. I decided to try a place that has been on my list for a good couple of decades – Vincent on Camelback [* * * * *]. While the experience pinched my pocketbook substantially, it was worth the once-in-a-couple-decades experience rating. The menu is a combination of French and Southwest styles combined in an excellent fashion to offer the best of both worlds. I decided to forego the first starter that caught my attention – Crispy Potato Pancake with Lobster and Ginger Dressing – because, as I told the waiter, “I’m from Maine and I can’t believe the lobster is as good in the desert as it is on the seashore.” And, he believed me 😊. From there, we proceeded to a varied menu of meats including lamb, beef, and duck with lots of various veggies and a few starches for the diehards. Every – YES, “every” item was great. It was one of the best meals I’ve had in many moons but, it was also the priciest!! So, if you go there, you’ll enjoy yourself but, at a price. My suggestion is to reserve it for a very special occasion and then, only once but…definitely, once! Vincent on Camelback – 3930 East Camelback Road – Phoenix, AZ 85018 – (602) 224-0225 –

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