The Weekly Whisk - 4/15/24

Musings from a foodie…

Bunyan’s Barb-B-Que ( * * * * * ) – Oo-la-la what a place!! There’s BBQ and then there’s real BBQ. Bunyan’s is one of the rare latter places. First, when you walk up to the place – you wonder if you had it wrong. It’s very unassuming but that’s because the emphasis is on what they put in your tummy and not where you sit or, don’t sit as the case may be. It was started in 1972 by Rosie Cole and her husband in Florence, Alabama. For you musical types out there, you’ve probably heard of the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio that is famous for almost every genre of music you can think of and has more Grammy records of note than any studio…but, I digress. Bunyan’s is just down the road a speck and worth the trip. I had a plate of BBQ ribs with potato salad and baked beans. Suz had the rib sandwich with some coleslaw mixed in for additional flavor. Both were fabulous. I topped it off with some of their homemade peach cobbler. Whoa – was I a happy boy. BBQ places are fairly common but places like Bunyan’s are uncommon and absolutely wonderful. And, worthy of your visit if you get to Alabama. Finally, the sign next to the serving counter says: “Made with Love – means I licked the spoon” – my motto and approach to cookin’ for all these years. Bunyan’s Bar-B-Que – 90 West College Street – Florence, AL  35630 – (256) 766-3522 – Takeout is an optional dining experience with seating on the outside on a good day and limited inside on any day.

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