The Weekly Whisk 2/15/18

Musings from a foodie...
One of the food elements that I dearly love is breakfast - especially the kind of breakfast that borders on over the top or near greasy status. My usual in Kittery, Maine is the FireFly, a local where the citizens gather, debate the major issues of the day (e.g. how quickly the tide will rise on the Blue Moon), play cards and engage in simple neighborly discussions. Stephanie is the lead waitress and keeps us all on our toes. However, over the weekend I was out and about in Portsmouth, New Hampshire - a stone's throw from Kittery (although the Portsmouth types would suggest that Kittery is a stone's throw from Portsmouth). Nonetheless, we are kindred communities on the banks of the Piscataqua River.
I noticed several weeks ago that a new place, The Goat [* * * *had just openedIt fancies itself as a sports pub but on the weekend, they serve breakfast which was why we stopped. The wait staff were very genial, and the food options were unstoppable. For a greasy spoon advocate, it was heaven. I had the Meat Lover's Omelet with the addition of Home Made Corned Beef Hash, Goat Cheese and some additional American Cheese. It was a cardiac overload but a wonderful struggle to complete. It was topped off with tater tots covered in melted American cheese and bacon bits on the side. Now, what American boy wouldn't love that kind of breakfast? While it will be a few weeks before I go back (I need to recover), I heartily recommend it especially if you have not eaten in the last three or four days. Enjoy if you get there. For lunch you can head over to The Lobster Pound or, Maine's Best; or, Bob's Clam Hut, again one of the best in Maine. Stay well. Exercise to keep your cardiac vasculature open and only do The Goat thing once a year!! Check 'em out at: The Goat - 143 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801 - 603-590-GOAT (4628) -
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