The Weekly Whisk 5/1/18

Musings from a foodie…

I realized this week that my newer lifestyle of not traveling as much is getting in the way of finding new restaurants for my readers to consider.  And, since “The Weekly Whisk” is the most popular part of my blog – I’d better focus on it.  However, that will have to wait until the next blog when I return from Spain.  For this one, I travel three blocks from the hotel a short distance from McCormick Place (the convention center) to Ricobene’s – a pizza and sandwich joint on the South Side [ * * *].  What can I say, it satiated me.  It was filled with calories – enough to fill a day – more than ample.  It was also swarming with people – families of all strips and colors – a truly American scene!  And, while I loved it, Charlie Trotter would likely be disappointed in me.  What’s a person to do when it’s getting late, you’ve got early morning meetings, no local transportation except your well-worn shoes, and hunger that’s biting.  Head to Ricobene’s – if you’re on the South Side of Chicago and, if you’re on the Northwest side head someplace else :-)   Ricobene’s – 252 W. 26th Street – Chicago, IL. 60616 – (312) 225-5555 and, other locations in the Chicago metro area.

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