Media To Consider - 8/17/18

Books and Articles Worth a Review…

 OyVey – If you haven’t heard the Terri Gross interview on NPR’s Fresh Air from July 19, 2018 – it’s worth the time of listening.  Terri is one of the best interviewers on either television or radio – from my perspective and, she’s extremely fair, always trying to get to the real information.  Check it out!  The interview will make your hair stand on end. 

 The Ongoing Aging Issues – One of the challenges many of us face is the slow moving implications of aging.  Unlike the younger years when we were seemingly invincible, quick and agile – there are times as we age when we begin to feel a bit vulnerable, slower than normal and even a bit clumsy.  While others may not see it, the decline is self-evident.  But, it’s not as bad as it seems AND, we can do something about it.  Forgetfulness is one of the big issues.  Check out the information on WebMD if this is one of your bugaboos.

 Curiosity and Medicine – Atul Gwande, MD recently gave the UCLA commencement address for the School of Medicine graduate in June, 2018.  The address was titled: “Curiosity and What Equality Really Means”.  It is an excellent reflection on the “why?” that many of us learned in medical school and too often let fall by the wayside.  It’s an excellent reminder that as health care professionals, one of the most important elements we bring to the bedside in caring for people is our curiosity.  At least for the moment, no technology, learning machine or protocol will replace that capability.  Consider it…


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