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HeForShe – The United Nations is sponsoring a website where you can meet the visionary leaders taking action for gender equality in their countries, organizations and beyond. HeForShe IMPACT and Pilot Initiatives are intended to engage key decision makers around the world in the public and private sector to deliver parity by 2020, and drive change from the top.  Consider it!  These global leaders are on a journey to reach parity and achieve a  gender equal world for all. 

Vaping Ads on Television ??? – Are we crazy?  I was taken aback the other night in watching the news when an ad came on encouraging me to go out, buy this product and start vaping!  I was appalled.  On the one hand, we are now allowing vaping ads – which are now countered by FDA ads noting the dangers of vaping – when there is an epidemic of the use of these devices among teenagers.  By all accounts, nearly 20% of high school students now vape or, an 86% increase in vaping among that group in just one year from 2017 to 2018!  For all we know, over the coming weeks there will be the equivalent of the Marlboro Man jumping out of our screens – be they television or computer – counting the attributes of vaping.  LET’S STOP THIS INSANITY NOW!

Distortion By Technology – First, this is not a political statement.  It is warning sign on the veracity of information we see streaming across our devices and into our homes.  The wires went crazy a couple of weeks ago when distorted videos of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) were disseminated with edits that made it appear that she was having trouble speaking.  While it was disturbing, the issue is far greater than Nancy Pelosi and politics.  It is about the ability of technology to distort all sorts of information – with the capability growing by leaps and bounds every month!  I’m a big (huge 😊) fan of technology for solving problems.  But, we also need to keep our eye on technology as it “creates” problems as well.  This is not about politics – be they conservative or liberal.  This is about information upon which our society has become totally dependent.  Think about it.  What needs to be done? 

Seize Diastole – Considering the lessons of physiology and how they can be extrapolated to the world we live in is the focus of this excellent article by Colleen Farrell, MD at NYU.  If you need a copy, let me know.  I have it available.

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