Readings and Listening To Consider - 1/3/23

Books and Articles worth a Review… 

In Case You’re Interested For those who have been following the issue, the  January 6th Select Committee Final Report is now out and available. It runs 845 pages so it’s rather detailed. However, the “Executive Summary” only extends from page 1 – 194 so the read is a bit shorter for those of us with shorter attention spans. It’s rather detailed and precise. It’s also very, very disconcerting!

Michael Kiel Cash – This is plain and simple unabashed advertising. Our son – Michael Kiel Cash – is a professional musician and has compiled his first album that he produced, managed, wrote and sang. He’s been referred to as the “Cosmic Cowboy.” The words of the songs are poetic and meaningful. You can check it out on Spotify by using the hyperlink. We get nothing. He gets some recognition.

North Dakota Humor – As many of my readers know, I’m from North Dakota. Although I’m from Bismarck & Grand Forks, here is some Fargo Humor that I wanted to offer up. Perhaps you have to be from North Dakota to appreciate it but, I laughed and laughed 😊. It’s worth a check…

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