Consulo Indicium - 9/19/19

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The Number of Holes – When I saw this picture, it caused me to pause.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Check it out.

Remembering JFK – In the midst of our national debate on immigrants, I was sent a clip of President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 address to the Anti-Defamation League 50th Anniversary Celebration.  In the speech, the America I grew up comes to the forefront.  My Great Grandfather left Germany to get away from Bismarck’s army.  He dodged the German draft to come to America, to homestead a farm, to raise four kids who raised their kids which allowed one of them to become a doctor to help people.  That’s the essence of the American dream.  We all – except for our Native Americans – were immigrants to this wonderful land.   

Education versus Warnings – A recent report in the Washington Post noted that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has proposed a new requirement for cigarette packaging that would include graphic images of the injury cause by smoking “along with vivid descriptions” on cigarette packages. What type of graphic images?  Does “amputated toes”, “black-tinged lungs,” or “a sickly boy in an oxygen mask” offer an image?  In the past the FDA has been blocked from requiring such images because of the courts siding with tobacco companies arguing that such practices constitute a violation of First Amendment rights.  But, warnings have been around since 1966.  So, the question is where to draw the line?  From my perspective – as a former smoker of four packs per day in college (yes, stupidly – four packs per day), I think graphic warnings are just fine. Even better would be a short clip watching someone try to breathe due to emphysema from smoking (you might pick up on the fact that I’m an avid anti-smoker!!).  And, the same applies to vaping.  There has been precious little research on vaping and only hypothetical benefits offered.  If we want to get “in your face” about smoking and/or vaping – I’ve suggested for years that we should admit people to the hospital, give people chest pain and, the vast majority would quit smoking.  How’s that for a graphic, in-your-face approach?  In five or ten years, I bet that we will look back on vaping as a menace as deep and disheartening as the opioid crisis of today.  We are allowing it to be created.  We must get ahead of the curve…

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