Consulo Indicium - 4/28/21

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For My Older Readers – The Amount of Exercise You Need To Stay Healthy. A new American Journal of Preventive Medicine study was released in mid-April just in time for the Springtime renaissance of “I-Gotta-Get-In-Shape” surge that is common after a long winter – especially one that coincidently hosted a global pandemic. The researchers followed nearly 5,000 adults across the spectrum of 40 – 60 years of age from across the USA for 30 years. In essence, the study recommends that we need to DOUBLE the amount of weekly exercise 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise to a minimum of 5.0 hours each week to have an impact. And, important for your consideration is that the study is notable for its racial/sexual/geographic demographic composition, large number of participants and length of study. This is field research worth considering!  Just one quick example: 80 – 90% of Black participants developed hypertension by age 60 and just over half of White participants had the same result. Both exhibited the same phenomenon whereby 2.5 hours of weekly exercise DID NOT prevent hypertension and 5.0+ hours of weekly exercise DID provide protection. AND, exercise across the entire age spectrum provided even more protection!! The weather is warming. You can cleanse your mind. Exercise does not require running and exhaustion. Exercise requires consistency and continuity. Go for it!!

To Lighten The Day – For those of you who are not aware, there has been one comedic source over the last year that has kept many of us away from the edge. And, that’s the Broadway-like missives of Randy Rainbow. If you haven’t seen them, they’re great. If you have, they most frequently bring a smile even when’s there’s disagreement with some of his premises. Enjoy. Check out: “Mr Biden – Where’s My Vaccine?

Where To Hang Out – The official word was released last week by Rochelle Walensky, MD that “people who haven’t gotten their shots can also go without a mask to small gatherings held outside as long as they are with fully vaccinated friends and family.” It seems that the CDC is catching up to where a lot of folks were already headed. But, we need to remain prudent. Being outside with appropriate distancing and with family members who have been vaccinated is one thing. Being outside in a compressed group of shouting folks that you do not know and may never see again is another. Wearing masks in the latter situation would seem to be the prudent course of action.

A Dream Pill On The Horizon – Not Yet!! – One of the high priorities for the National Institutes of Health in the push toward better prevention of COVID-19 is to be able to offer a “pill” as a simple treatment option. Many of my generation remember that first we got our polio shots then a short time later came the sugar cube infused with the polio virus that we could pop in our mouth and be covered for polio infections. There is considerable work begin done in research laboratories at the moment on developing an oral option or pill as a treatment option for the pandemic. However, the predictions on when such an option will arise are still a bit elusive. Literally, almost all of the major pharmaceutical companies have teams working on the project. I have faith in science. We will get there but, not tomorrow. The pill option is still out there on the horizon…

Scratching The Itch – A colleague sent me an ongoing contribution to the web by Paul Salopek, a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Price who began in interesting journey. He is “walking” the world and started his journey in 2013 in Africa where he is following the path of human migration. He then offers up his insights on the human condition and the state of the state of humanness. It’s an interesting follow and, while not about health care, it helps rejuvenate the spirit. Considering following him here.

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