Approaches To Alternative Care Delivery - 7/12/21

Ideas and thoughts on how care delivery can be transformed…

The Way We Work – There has been much ado about the state of work in America. Are we working less? Are we becoming more burned out? Is our tolerance diminishing? The JAMA Network Open recently reported on findings from the Association of American Medical Colleges that the US has experienced a gradual decline in physician work hours throughout the pandemic. We’ve gone from 50.8 hours per week in January 2019 to 47.5 hours per week in May 2020. The reasons are unclear. Was it the stress of practice? Was it the departure of physicians from the workforce? Was it greater efficiency in practice approaches? Was it working less by many – not all – physicians? We need to understand more clearly the reasons why. 

In addition, the Physicians Advocacy Institute also weighed in with a report that hospitals and health care corporations now own nearly half of US physician practices. Over the period of January 2019 to January 2021, there was a 25% increase in corporate-owned practices. This is a trend that started at least two decades ago and is only now accelerating. The corporatization of health care continues.

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