Future Health - 7/11/23

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 On The Verge Of Solving A Ubiquitous Problem – In following the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, I came up a start-up that is quite intriguing - CancerVax. While the company is still as the pre-clinical stage it’s garnered the interest of heavy weight academic center UCLA. Together they are working on developing immunotherapy cancer treatments that mobilize the body’s immune system to fight cancer! The company is led by Ryan Davies who has served in a number of entrepreneurial start-ups – even while in college – in such areas of biotech, software, technology and e-commerce. He views the CancerVax initiative as the “Holy Grail” of cancer research. According to Bloomberg Business, the cancer immunotherapy market represents a potential growth of $196 billion by 2030. And, the expectations are not unwarranted. The immunotherapy market is already on the move with drugs like Opdivo (Bristol-Myers Squibb) and Keytruda (Merck) so there is clearly a pathway that has already been started down the immunotherapy road for cancer treatment initially with hopes that a prevention modality could be created down the road.

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