The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - 11/5/18

The ongoing saga… 

The Great – We can breathe the wonderful Fall air for a day before starting a new election cycle…

The Good – In my last blog, I noted that I couldn’t think of anything “Good” so I asked my readers to send me their thoughts.  Here are a couple of responses:

  • “I am heartened by the younger generation who will, I fervently hope, make the needed cultural, social, and economic changes – unless they too become seduced by power and privilege. Sadly, our generation has failed in spite of “the summer of love”, etc.
  • “Things that are good: 1) Scrapping the TPP, 2) A $1 trillion infrastructure plan, 3) Guaranteed paid leave; and, 4) Laws to encourage women in STEM 

The Bad – The divisiveness of American politics.  Thank goodness, the mid-term elections are over but, then again, the next Presidential election cycle starts next week…argh!!

The Ugly – How many shootings does it take before we put in place some common sense gun laws for all Americans? Check out the most recent Gallup Poll.  It shows that two issues: background checks and evaluating those who might be a threat are overwhelmingly support by the American public.  So, why not just those two? 

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