The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - 9/29/20

The ongoing saga… 

The Great – You’re gonna love “The Weekly Whisk” – I promise!!

The Good – Another bunch of emails came through my in-basket chastising me for not having something in the “Good” last time around (actually, that’s the first time I’ve never had a “Good”). Please note, I absolutely promise I’ll never do that again :-) . Some readers thought I was depressed or something. Well, I am not depressed but, I am a bit beleaguered. It’s nothing big; however, and I’m taking care of it.  So, for “The Good” my thoughts are: 1) more people ARE wearing masks but, not enough of us!; 2) The election is a mere 35 some days away (depending on when you get this blog); 3) We are likely to be civil when standing in line to vote if past elections are any measure of future performance; and, 4) We can start focusing on “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas” fairly soon. Won’t that be a treat… 

The Bad – We need to get above 75+% of the public wearing masks consistently to get this pandemic under control. We’re currently at 65% saying they do when they are out and about BUT, only 44% indicate that those walking the aisles with them are wearing a mask. Someone’s not telling the truth. Is this “truthiness”?

The Ugly – The evolving political acrimony and divide that is being cultivated among the American people. Even in the 1960s there was no serious discussion about a “civil war”. Let’s get a grip and vote!

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