The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - 12/20/21

The ongoing saga… 

The Great – The holidays are upon us bringing (some) cheer to all of us despite the ongoing pandemic…

The Good – Health care workers are not only stepping up and providing service but they are also competing among themselves on their annual grassroots campaign to feed our fellow humans at #HCWvsHunger. Teams of specialties are competing for who can contribute the most for helping to alleviate hunger. They have raised more than $353,000 for food banks all over the USA.  

The Bad – The rapidity of spread by the Omicron variant…while appearing to be less lethal it is spreading very fast, even among vaccinated and boosted populations. So, be careful, vigilant, and WEAR YOUR MASKS!!

The Really Bad – The crisis among health care workers who are reaching the point of becoming emotionally “maxed out”. Yet, they get up for another day to provide care for those in need. The long-term repercussions are going to be significant…

The Ugly – The rise of autocracy among various leaders and political groups around the world is increasingly worrisome. It speaks to the need for ALL OF US – working together – making democracy work again as the “shining beacon on the Hill”.

By the way – Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas.

May the holiday spirit reach across all our boundaries

to create energy that goes far beyond our individual efforts.

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