The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - 3/28/22

The ongoing saga… 

The Great – The fact that we have not – as of this writing – slipped into the abyss of World War III…

The Good – We are all learning first hand the destructive powers of an autocrat. We should be observant and learning lest we slip into that kind of situation here at home. 

The Ugly – While the situation in Ukraine is horrific, let’s not forget the refugees fleeing Eritrea into Tigray, those huddled masses yearning to be free at the Southern USA border. 

The Bad – The increasing practice of medicine by legislative fiat that seems to becoming more of a norm in state legislatures around the country. The professions need to step up and push back on this ill-considered approach to societal care delivery.

The Extra Bad But, Really Good – I went over my six (6) page limit for The Fickenscher Files onto page 7. However, it was worth it because it was about Sarma’s! See the review on the preceding page.

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