The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - 9/20/22

The ongoing saga…

 The Great – On the personal side, Suzanne and I made it through 8 ½ weeks in an RV measuring 8’x24’ with two dogs (Toto and Lole) AND, we are still talking to one another and enjoying one another’s company. After years of often being ships passing in the night, it was a time of learning to live life together.

The Equally Great – On the professional side, the number of academic articles, opinion pieces and the like that are fully recognizing the value of “primary care” as an integral component of the care delivery process is exciting and, something that many of us knew all along… As the nation slowly moves toward “value-based care delivery,” my hope is that the payment system will also recognize the value of primary care!!

The Good – The more information and findings that are coming out of the Congressional hearings and through the subpoenas issued by the U.S. Justice Department – the more disturbing are the findings. And, while they are disturbing – they are seeing the light of day, which is “good”.

The Bad – If you want to get the hibby jibbies read, Ray Dalio’s new book, “The Changing World Order” [SEE above] where he examines the outcomes of dynasties, empires, great nation states and other approaches to state governance since the mid-1300s. From my perspective, it’s a VERY important read about the realities of state governance and where the USA is in the traditional cycle of “leads”. BTW – the USA has the track record of having had the longest running form of state governance among all such empires over time. There’s a message there as well…

The Ugly – The depth of “politics” versus need for effective “leadership” in the USA!

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