The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly -8/14/23

The Great – I’m on a six-week trip through Newfoundland (pronounced “New-fin-land, as I understand it – still trying to verify 😊) across the entire island. It’s an extraordinary place with wonderful engaging and inviting people that make one feel right at home… Furthermore, it’s great to be disconnected from the media and mayhem of America for at least a short period of time…

The Good – News on the USA economic home front in the last week was very good, including:

  • 2nd quarter annualized growth of the USA economy at 2.4% - higher than projected.
  • Inflation was down from the last quarter and slower at 2.6% - or, lower than most analysts’ projections.
  • The USA economy is 6% larger today than it was prior to the onset of COVID-19.
  • Real business investment and consumer spending were up 7.7% in real terms… 

The Bad – I read all 45 pages of the August 1st indictment of our last USA President and developed severe dyspepsia. See “The Occasional Perspective” above…

The Ugly – The fact that Jack Smith, the Independent Counsel in charge of the investigation related to conspiracy issues of our former President, has had to seek protection because of death threats is an incredibly sad commentary. We – in the USA – are no longer acting like a “leader” country but more like a 3rd rate, lawless nation falling under the control of gangs!

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