The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and, Occasional Great

The ongoing saga… 

The Great – The re-introduction of the Value in Health Care Act of 2023 by a group of bi-partisan legislators with the support of 17 major health care advocacy groups!!

The Good – The growing movement within the health care industry towards moving our payment system from a “I-did-this” orientation toward a “I-helped-to-prevent this-and-made-that-better” reimbursement system with a focus on “value”.

The Bad – The ongoing effects of climate change – whether it’s the extreme summer temperatures in Phoenix, the adverse weather patterns in Europe, the fact that Maine lobsters have already moved 250 miles further north to become Canadians due to the warming Gulf of Maine, the hurricanes in the Atlantic or, your favorite weather-related problem. But, of course, there is no climate change from anything humans have done…

The Ugly – Returning to the USA and daily saga of American politics where the focus is on power and control rather than on solving problems – and, we have many!!

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