The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly - 4/15/24

The ongoing saga… 

The Good – Seeing America!! See my note above about our ongoing 4-month trip across the USA and back to Maine via Canada. At only one month into the trip – it’s been a fabulous experience. Everyone should do it! It helps to put life into perspective… 

The Really Good – The Chauncey Creek Lobster Pound has announced that despite the destruction of their kitchen during a recent Nor’easter storm that caused flooding throughout our small town of Kittery, Maine, they intend to re-emerge by the time that the summer season reaches lift-off. We (those of us local Kitteryites) consider them to be the best Lobster Pound in all of Maine!! 

The Bad – The sudden dependency one feels when following a Nor’easter (like this past week here in Maine) that created no availability on the Internet for a protracted period. One suddenly feels the depth of dependency – and, you wonder: Are we better off?

The Ugly – The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas…there is only an increase in the degree of anger and strife that will occur as this battle continues. The USA needs to use all its powers to stop the ongoing battle…for the health of everyone in the Middle East and, over the longer term – the entire world.

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