The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly 1/30/18

The ongoing saga...
The Great - Senator Lindsay Graham was right..."American is an idea, not a race."
The Good - Special CounselRobert Mueller appears to be getting ready to move forward with something, which is good news. The country needs to deal with whatever is there and get moving again.
The Bad - The comments emanating from The White House are causing angst not only in the USA but also throughout the world.
The Really Bad - The fact that nearly 1 million Puerto Rican's continue to be without power nearly five months following the hurricane is a travesty of travesties!! These folks are American citizens. Would we tolerate such ineptitude in any other state in the Union? And, now - Puerto Rico is totally under water financially and unable to make payments on any of its debt.
The Ugly - The information coming out on the meddling by Russians is more than disturbing. What it means is that we need to do a far better job at all levels of American enterprise - government, corporate, individual - in managing our cybersecurity. That will take time and concerted effort. Let's hope the message is not lost in the cacophony of other discussions and debates...
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