The Occasional Consideration…3/30/20

 Periodic Thoughts Deemed Important by the Author…

A colleague sent a short video (2 minutes) that her daughter, a filmmaker, prepared about health care workers in the current environment.  It’s important to step aside and take note of all that each of you who are doing in support of your hospitals, clinics, skilled nursing facilities, homes and other places where care is being delivered.  The film – The World Needs You – produced by, Ansley Sawyer, is such a tribute.  In sharing the video, she said,

"I made this video as a tribute to healthcare workers. To the people who risk their lives to protect us, even in the face of uncertainty. We have a chance to stand together to support each other -- so I thought the best thing to do would be to say thank you for fighting every day to keep us safe."  

Ansley noted that it is fine to share far and wide.  I suggest you send it to all of your employees who are working in health care both as a part of and apart from the pandemic.  Keep the faith…

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