The Occasional Consideration - 5/26/20

Periodic Meanderings and Ideas Deemed Worthy of Some Consideration… 

Kudos to Governor Doug Burgum – Some folks think I’ve become too partisan. The current times seem to bring that out in my considerations.  But, as a physician, I’m basically driven by facts and the current times don’t seem to place much weight on facts.  However, my friend – Governor Doug Burgum (R-ND) recently gave a speech making a plea the public that we should not tolerate any shaming of those who are wearing masks.  I want to express my public appreciation to him for stepping up to the plate, showing integrity for the kind of person he is (I know him) AND, most importantly, showing the public that the current pandemic and our response to it is NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE.  Go Doug!!!

The Teacher’s Song – If you have not seen "The Teacher's Song”, you should check it out.  It will lighten your day and help you to understand how many of us are managing the current situation :-) . I even saved it for those times when it seems I can’t take much more from the strains of the pandemic. You might even what to join in with the song.  It’s easy to learn. Enjoy!!

Planetary Health – Pope Francis declared May 16 – 24 “Laudato Si’ Week” as a note of remembrance during the current pandemic so that we would not forget about planetary health. This month is the 5th anniversary of his encyclical “Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home”. While we are currently focused on dealing with the short-term disruptions of the pandemic, we should not forget the longer term. Did you hear – Siberia (next to the Arctic Circle) was in the 80s this week! Argh!! Both events require a communal commitment and focus if we are going to be successful in helping and protecting our fellow humans across all nations.  In essence, to solve both problems, we need to work together rather than apart. Consider it. Working together will solve the pandemic. Working together will create planetary health. To this end, you might want to consider One Shared World – a site that is asking each of us to commit in whatever ways we can to sustaining planetary health.

Speaking of Longer Term – I wanted to pass along a very thoughtful piece from the March 25, 2020 issue in The Atlantic by Ed Yong on “How the Pandemic Will End”.  It’s a bit long but definitely worth the read. He provides an overview of the current state, how we are managing it and shares his thoughts on the longer term implications for us as individuals, as a society and as a nation. 

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