Thoughts pulled from readings over the last several weeks…. 

Holding The Line – I’m obviously behind in my reading (if you only knew how far behind or, perhaps I should not subscribe to so many periodicals?). The recent editorial from the May, 2020 issue of Wired Magazine was all about pandemics and how we handle them. One of the closing paragraphs offered the following advice:

“We can do this. In the 1950s a sociologist named Charles Fritz jump-started the academic study of disaster with a single, vivid insight: People in crisis help each other. Elites panic about riots and looting, but most of us just try to help the people nearest us. And then we help the ones a little farther out, and then farther again. The center holds; the gyre widens. A government can do things to make all that happen, and in a better timeline, it would. Sadly, we don’t get to choose a timeline. Luckily, we do get to choose a government.”

We’ll get through this! Hang in there and listen to what the scientists are saying – whether you like it not. Their advice is based on facts, not conjectures, not opinions, not hypotheticals – but facts! And facts are what we need when everything seems to be going to hell in a hand basket (it’s my Mom’s declaration to me when things didn’t seem to be going right and I was making mistakes  :-)

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